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Utility Boats for Sale

UTILITY Utility Boats Are all Jon Boats the same? Most people think so, but when you’ve been fine tuning and tweaking your Jon Boat design and construction for more than 65 Years – like we have been at Polar Kraft – we say “No, All Jon Boats are Not the Same!” Ours are better – […]

Riveted Boats for Sale

RIVETED Riveted Boats No other rigs of these lengths boast the beams of this rugged, wide-bodied fishing machines. Polar Kraft’s V-Bottom boats feature Torque Control Design (TCD) is on full display and provides a rock solid, dry and stable ride built for big and small waters alike. Polar Kraft Boats are built tough with Marine […]

Welded Boats For Sale

WELDED Welded Boats Polar Kraft’s Mod-V hulls give you the choice to be as luxurious or as basic as you want to be in deep or skinny water. If you like to fish, but you LOVE your duck and goose excursions, then the camouflage versions of the Sport X, and Sportsman models from Polar Kraft […]