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Boat Trailer Repair Tampa, Fl

At Suzuki Repower Center of Tampa we provide complete trailer repair services, including welding of steel and aluminum trailers, wiring, custom roller and guides, painting and structural repairs. We believe in safety on and off the water. To be able to enjoy your boat you need to be able to transport it safely. Please contact us or stop in for a free boat trailer safety inspection.

We know the best prevention of having to have a repair is safety and proper maintenance. We are always pleased to repair and maintain your equipment and would love to see you as often as possible. But to help keep you in good shape we have provided a boat launching video and several trailer maintenance tips listed below to help remind us all of several simple trailer maintenance and safety techniques. Visit us for reliable boat trailer repair in Tampa and keep your journeys worry-free. Enjoy..and be safe!

Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips:

Continual immersion in water along with regular weathering and road wear can mean major problems for your boat trailer. Here are a few steps you can take in order to perform proper seasonal maintenance and repair on your boat trailer to keep you and your property safe.
  • Check the bearings. If not properly maintained, bearings can heat up and freeze when traveling on the road. Check your wheel bearings every 1,000 miles or before you embark on a new boating season. Waterproof bearings and/or spring-loaded bearing protector caps are recommended. The bearings are usually located under a metal cap that has to be pried off, and there are two bearings per hub, or four per trailer axle. They should be inspected and re-lubricated each and every season.
  • Check the wiring. Make sure that the connectors are clean, the wires are intact and the insulation has not been damaged such that any bare wire is showing. Also, test your brakes and functional lights before going on the road; a wiring problem that affects your lights can be both illegal and dangerous.
  • Tighten the tongue lock. These often become loose and need to be frequently adjusted so that when clamped down, they lock securely to the trailer hitch. Forgetting to do this can result in your trailer popping off the hitch while being towed and ending up on the side of the road.
  • Replace the tires if necessary. There should be no cracks or weathered rubber on your trailer’s tires. If you have old tires, replace them before taking your trailer out on the road.
  • Maintain your brakes. If your trailer is equipped with brakes, check the brake fluid in the reservoir on the brake actuator before using the trailer each season. Always test and confirm that the trailer brakes are operating properly before taking the trailer out on the road.

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