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Riveted Boats

No other rigs of these lengths boast the beams of this rugged, wide-bodied fishing machines. Polar Kraft’s V-Bottom boats feature Torque Control Design (TCD) is on full display and provides a rock solid, dry and stable ride built for big and small waters alike.

Polar Kraft Boats are built tough with Marine Grade Aluminum. The 17 feet and larger rigs are made with 0.125″ thick aluminum, and the smaller boats are are constructed with 0.100″ thickness.

Riveted or welded? The fact is, both have their places in the marsh, river, lake or ocean flat. No need to fight over which is better since Polar Kraft offers both hull types. Get what YOU want, not what your friends, or manufacturers, say is better.


Explore The Frontier Series!

The Frontier carries a budget-friendly price, but this riveted boat is far from entry-level. It comes packed with features including Polar Kraft’s Fast-Trak system that makes mounting down riggers and other accessories a near custom experience. It’s at home on inland lakes but has the brawn in larger models to handle the big pond. Take your pick from side console or walk-through models and fuel conscience anglers will appreciate the standard lifting pad that helps get the Frontier on plane with less horsepower. Stern jump seats are comfortable when running but can be folded down for more deck space when it’s time to cast.


Explore The Kodiak Series!

For anglers that prefer a riveted boat with a true V-bottom that doesn’t just mind a little choppy water, but actually CRAVES it, the Kodiak, by Polar Kraft should be top-of-mind for your next boat. Complimented by extra wide gunwales for heavy-duty trolling and downriggers, Great Lakes species won’t have a place to hide. Storage compartments are exceptional for planer boards, raingear, and anything else an angler considers must-have gear.


Explore The Outlander Series!

Walleye, ducks, bass or salmon?  You can have it all with the versatile Outlander. The type of water or species being sought is only limited by your imagination and color choices are many with even a camo version. There are floor plans on this riveted boat that can accommodate more room for your Labrador retriever or larger deck space for fan casting. Choose from a center or side console based on your needs while all vinyl interiors ensure stained carpet is a thing of the past and Polar Kraft’s lifting pad gets you on plane with less horsepower. A unique Fast-Trak system makes mounting downriggers and other accessories a breeze.