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Welded Boats

Polar Kraft’s Mod-V hulls give you the choice to be as luxurious or as basic as you want to be in deep or skinny water. If you like to fish, but you LOVE your duck and goose excursions, then the camouflage versions of the Sport X, and Sportsman models from Polar Kraft are sure to help you get some banded “memorabilia.”

The Bay Boat series, while built for salty water, can be your best friend in freshwater too.

As with any Polar Kraft, the hulls are hand-laid with marine-grade aluminum alloys that provide confidence that if you’re in a bass tournament or family trip you’ll get where you need to be, dry, safe, and in comfort without the hefty price tag of glass.

Polar Kraft Boats are built tough with Marine Grade Aluminum. The 17 feet and larger rigs are made with 0.125″ thick aluminum, and the smaller boats are are constructed with 0.100″ thickness.

Riveted or welded? The fact is, both have their places in the marsh, river, lake or ocean flat. No need to fight over which is better since Polar Kraft offers both hull types. Get what YOU want, not what your friends, or manufacturers, say is better.

Explore The Sportsman Series!

If rivers or inland lakes are what you favor either as a bass or crappie angler, or a goose or duck hunting specialist, the welded Sportsman can slip into that skinny water to get you to the honey hole – whether it’s loaded with mallards or feeding largemouth. Tiller models are available for those that need extra maneuverability, but side and console models are offered, as well. This tough utility rig, available in all-camo, gets the job done to go after whatever protein you favor.

Sports X

Explore the Sport X Series!

All-season sporting enthusiasts who call river and shallow water their means to a hunting or fishing end will love the welded Sport X series that can get back into the sloughs to pursue waterfowl or bass or spawning northern pike. Available in full camo models, even pressured ducks won’t know what hit them. Whether shotguns or rods go in your lockers you can choose from a side console or center and a smooth ride is promised thanks to the clever deadrise of the boat.

Bay Boat

Explore the Bay Boat Series!

If an angler likes “tempting the tides” and fishing skinny marshes for redfish but wants the ability to get to deeper water as the tide goes out, the Bay Boat by Polar Kraft is a great insurance policy. The ability to navigate tight spaces when needed but still handle the intracoastal waterways when the wrong wind blows make this welded boat great for salty and brackish waters. If your baitfish or gamefish get messy, a Tundra Coating is standard, but a SeaDek upgrade is available.

Bass tX

Explore The Bass TX Series!

Aluminum bass boats are gaining popularity because they are drier than ever before and cost much less than their glass competition, while not sacrificing features.  More and more anglers on professional bass tours are piloting them every season. Deck space is generous and can hold all your species-specific bass rods ready for action if the flippin’ bite changes to top water. If you love bass but love a crappie fry too, “C” models offer an extra livewell for you and your partner.