2024 SUZUKI MARINE DF9.9B – Pricing starts at $2,160




Pricing starts at $754




2024 Suzuki Marine DF9.9B – Go Far, Go Fast


Embark on a new era of marine excellence with the 2024 Suzuki Marine DF9.9B, a masterpiece of ultramodern design that stands as one of the most technologically advanced and portable outboard motors in the market today. Boasting an innovative combination of Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection, the DF9.9B sets the standard as the world’s first 9.9 HP outboard motor of its kind.

Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency with Suzuki’s groundbreaking EFI system, making the DF9.9B the first in its horsepower class to operate seamlessly without the need for a battery. This feature not only ensures a smoother operation but also eliminates the hassle and weight of battery reliance, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the open water.

The DF9.9B is the epitome of the “Next Generation” four-stroke outboard, delivering swift starts, impressive acceleration, and remarkable fuel economy. Go Lean, Clean, and green with Suzuki’s commitment to environmental consciousness without compromising on power.


Features may include:

  • Battery-Less Operation: The DF9.9B pioneers innovation by functioning without the necessity of a battery, setting a new standard in its class. Say goodbye to the limitations of battery dependence and embrace a motor that prioritizes fuel economy, torque, and speed.
  • Live Information at Your Fingertips: Experience the future with the DF9.9B’s integrated electronic sensors. The Lean Burn technology seamlessly connects from the engine to your central control system, providing real-time information on speed, acceleration, and the motor’s overall condition. Stay informed and in control with Suzuki’s cutting-edge technology.


Unleash the potential of your marine adventures with the 2024 Suzuki Marine DF9.9B – where innovation meets performance. Now available in the sleek and stylish Cool White, make a statement on the water and let Suzuki elevate your boating experience.


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“The prices listed are starting prices for the lowest-priced engine in the category and do not include rigging and labor. Actual prices may vary based on additional factors and customization. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.”






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