2024 SUZUKI MARINE DF115B – Pricing starts at $8,539



Pricing starts at $8,539
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Suzuki engineers have delivered a pair of outboards that offer the great fuel economy without sacrificing on performance and employ advanced technologies that Suzuki has pioneered over the last decade. The DF140A and DF115A incorporate the Suzuki Lean Burn System—the same system that has been delivering remarkable fuel economy onSuzuki’s award winning flagship, the DF350AP, as well as theDF9.9B/20A/15A through DF300AP outboards.


  • 124.7 cu.in. DOHC 16-valve High Performance Engine:Unleash the power of our cutting-edge engine, offering 124.7 cu.in. of displacement, DOHC design, and 16 valves for an unparalleled high-performance marine experience.
  • Suzuki Lean Burn Control System: Revolutionize your fuel efficiency with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, optimizing the air-fuel mixture to achieve maximum fuel economy during cruising, enhancing your overall boating experience.
  • O2 Sensor Feedback Control System:Experience precision in every moment with the O2 Sensor Feedback Control System, ensuring optimal combustion efficiency and reduced emissions by continuously monitoring and adjusting the air-fuel ratio.
  • Knock Sensor:Navigate with confidence using the Knock Sensor, a feature designed to detect and respond to engine knocking, preserving the integrity of your marine engine for a smoother and safer journey.
  • Suzuki Water Detecting System:Safeguard your engine with the Suzuki Water Detecting System, a smart technology that identifies and alerts you to the presence of water in the fuel, preventing potential damage and ensuring reliable performance.
  • Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection:Enjoy seamless and efficient fuel delivery with the Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection system, providing precise control over fuel injection timing and quantity for optimal engine performance across various operating conditions.


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“The prices listed are starting prices for the lowest-priced engine in the category and do not include rigging and labor. Actual prices may vary based on additional factors and customization. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.”


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